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September 3, 2015



“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.” -Mahatma Gandhi


The Video Games Club is open in the basement of the West Wing Room 4.    We have eight stations and tournament capacity!  We provide a wide panorama of state of the art games and we’ll take your favorites too.  We also have board games and blue ray movies with a fifty inch screen.  We are open from 3:15 to 5:00. Join us, everyone is welcome!


After School Program has begun.  See the schedule outside of the Main Office.  If you have any questions, see Mrs. Arce in room 9.

VIDA meeting Friday 9/4 at lunch. Plan to give a 1-2 miute speech if you will run for an office.

CSF Applications are available on the front counter of the Main Office for pick up; you may return the completed applications with a copy of your transcript to the Main Office as well.  Freshman cannot apply this semester but are encouraged to apply next semester. Last day to turn in the applications will be September 8th.  Our first meeting will be Sept. 10th.

Enjoy nature?   Like the beach? Want to save the earth?  Give us a hand.  Join Green Routine.  Our first meeting is at lunch Wednesday in Room 17 with Mrs. Lucero. 

After School Program Lap Swim has begun and starts at 3:15 at the pool.  You must be able to swim to join this class.

Ever felt alone or bullied? It definitely doesn’t feel good. L That’s why the FOR Club is here!  If you want to start a chain reaction of kindness, join Ms. Ertel and Ms. Barrios for lunch this Friday 9/4.  We will be in the Horned Toad Café Quad.  Bring a friend! J


Are you someone with a curious mind who enjoys learning new things just for the sake of learning?  Would you like to increase your odds of getting scholarships?  Do you need a low pressure, but competitive and fun activity to put on your resume?  Academic Decathlon could be the activity for you!  Stop by the library this Friday at lunch at 12:55 for an informational meeting to find out more about Academic Decathlon.

Students: Class ring orders will be accepted on September 16th during lunch and after school until 4:00p.m. in the CHS Library.  Make up orders will be accepted on September 18th during lunch in the CHS Library.  A $70.00 deposit is required to place an order.  Full color brochures with complete pricing area available in the Main Office.


The Yearbook Club has started meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 3:15-5 in the Career Center.  We need your help to make this year’s Yearbook the best yet.  Any questions come see Mrs. Ruona.

The October 3rd SAT deadline to register is TODAY.  Sign up on, if you have any questions please see your counselor.

Attention Students: Only 10 students may enter the inside of the Horned Toad Café at a time. Please do not bring food that you bought from outside inside or you may get charged twice. On a regular school day the inside line will shut down at 1:00 and on Wednesdays it will be shut down at 1:20. Only the outside line will be open for the remaining lunch time.

Attention all students! We are taking a bus to the Fresno College Night on Wednesday September 9th at 4:30 pm.  If you are interested in attending, please sign up in the Counseling Office no later than September 8th at 12:45. Make sure you take a Field Trip Permission Slip as well. First Come, First Serve!!

TAYLOR and MAC Combo:

*Coalinga High School students are not permitted to be on the Cambridge campus at any time. The only exception is Mrs. Schuck’s 1st and 2nd period History class.

*Please pick up and throw away trash in trash cans both on campus and in the community. Open campus lunch is a privilege that can be suspended at any time.

*Students…Doing a great job getting to class on-time! Keep up the good work and let’s be tardy-free.



Girls basketball enrichment starting on Wednesday, September 9th 3:30 to 5:00pm

in the little gym!  Now's the time to get ready for the season!  See you there!

Info Contact Coach Mike Walker.

Anyone interested in basketball, workouts has started and are in the small gym at 3:30. They will be held every Tuesday and Thursday by Coach McFarlin.

Attention all Cross country runners!  Anyone interested in running for the team must be in tutorial daily.  If you haven’t given coach your clearance go see her ASAP.  Her new room is Room 7 in the basement.  Let’s get ready for a push toward a Valley Championship!!

Athletes:  If you want to participate in sports, turn in your clearance packet in the morning and your clearance will be ready after school. If your packet is turned in after the morning, the clearance will not be ready until the next day.


Tennis vs. Firebaugh                              Match Time: 4:00




  • Be able to apply logic and scientific methods to arrive at valid  conclusions


Associated Student Body

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The following student clubs, organization and activities are available to all students:

  •     CSF (California Scholarship Federation)
  •     CLASS ORGANIZATIONS (each class has its own officers and activities)
  •     DRAMA
  •     FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletics)
  •     FFA
  •     MOCK TRIAL
  •     PUBLICATIONS (School yearbook and newspaper)
  •     STUDENT COUNCIL (Elective offices)


  •     ASB President, Rebecca Carlson
  •     ASB Vice President, Lesley Alvardo
  •     ASB Secretary, Nicole Quezada
  •     Comm. of Rally, Marcos Bonilla
  •     Comm. of Rally, Stanley Ramirez
  •     Comm. of Rally, Deverie Pena
  •     Comm. of Rally, Lisa Rodriguez
  •     Comm. of Publicity, Leti Ledesma
  •     Comm. of Publicity, Lily Ledesma


Senior Class

  •     President, Mykensie Campbell
  •     VP, Juan Dominguez
  •     Secretary, Esmeralda Vargas
  •     Treasurer, Musaid Husain

Junior Class

  •     President, Azucena Ramirez
  •     VP, Jose Olivera
  •     Secretary, Dayton Wisley
  •     Treasurer, Alma Mayoral

Sophomore Class

  •     President, Makenna Brooks
  •     VP, Chloe Giffin
  •     Secretary, Jacob Gonzalez
  •     Treasurer, Elizabeth Hunt

Freshman Class

  •     Freshman Rep, Genesis Ramirez
  •     Freshman Rep, Axial Aispuro
  •     Freshman Rep, Leslie Licea
  •     Freshman Rep, Joe Johnson


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A complete program of athletic activities is offered to meet the needs of all students interested in team or individual sports. The rules and regulations for sports are governed by the California Interscholastic Federation and the Athletic Code for Coalinga High School.

Students may play only 1 sport per season*.

Our high school includes the following sports:
Cross Country**

*A request form must be completed by the student (Junior or Senior standings only) which includes permission by both coaches and submitted to the AD/Asst. AD. The athlete will only receive one award by the predominant sport. 

**Includes male and female teams

All athletic programs are subject to change as a result of participation, funding and league placement.

Our teams compete in the Central Section East Sequoia League. Team schedules and results are available online through


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