November 16, 2017

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”


*William Bennett



We have a Football playoff game against Firebaugh on Friday, November 17th.  If you would like to go to the game, we have 50 seats available for students only.  The cost is $6.00 with student body card and $8.00 without.  You will have to pay your entrance fee when you sign up to go.


The official end to the food drive will be Friday, Nov 17th at 12:35 pm.  Our offerings are low this year, so we are hoping one extra day will help our count. Thanks everyone!!!


No After School Program today, due to minimum day.  There will not be a 5:15 bus.


CSF meeting today at lunch in North Wing 302. We will be meeting in service project groups.




“Are you interested in the military after high school?  CHS will be offering the ASVAB on campus on December 4th! The ASVAB is used by the Military to assess which jobs you are best suited to perform.  Come by the Counseling Office to sign up to take the test.”



(Tuesday and Thursday)


WARNING BELL                           7:50


PER. 1                                    7:55 – 8:33

PER. 2                                    8:38 – 9:16

PER. 3                                    9:21 – 9:59

PER. 4                                   10:04 – 10:42

PER. 5                                   10:47 – 11:25

PER. 6                                   11:30 – 12:08

LUNCH                                   12:08 – 12:48

WARNING BELL                   12:48

PER. 7                                   12:53 – 1:30



From Mr. Allen and Mrs. Walker


Students are not to hang out in the halls before school, during lunch, or after school. No food or drinks are allowed as you move in the halls to your classes. Access to Counseling and Library are through the doors leading to the middle hallway and is not allowed from the outside doors.




Athletes if you are wanting to transition from a Fall Sport to a Winter Sport, please sign up in the 9th grade office on the yellow pad on the counter, your paperwork will be ready at the end of the day.  Also, if you have new clearance paperwork to turn in, please do so at the beginning of the day and your clearance will be ready for pick up at the end of school. Do not come during class time. Thank you.




JV B-Bball @ Lemoore
Leave: 2:30


Var B-Bball @ Lemoore
Leave: 2:30


JV G-Soccer vs Riverdale
Game: 4:00


Var G-Soccer vs Riverdale
Game: 4:45


JV B-Soccer @ Riverdale
Leave: 1:30


Var B-Soccer @ Riverdale
Leave: 1:30


Cross Country @ Woodward Pk
Dismiss: 10:42
Leave: 11:30




  • Be able to apply logic and scientific methods to arrive at valid conclusions.
  • Be able to collect, analyze, and synthesize information.

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