Quote of the Day:

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

Jackson Brown, Jr.

Class & Club News:

Fall Homecoming Dance

Starry Night


Sept. 28, 2018

Singles w/ASB            $10.         Couples      $12.

W/O ASB                    $14.         Couples      $16.


Doors open at 9:00pm and will close one hour after game is over.  Check Instagram for dress code.  You must have your ID to get into the dance.




Period 1   7:55-8:37

Period 2   8:42-9:24

Period 3   9:29-10:11

Period 4 10:16-10:58

Period 5 11:06-11:48

Period 6 11:53-12:35

Lunch      12:35-1:15

Period 7   1:20-2:00

Line up-roll   2:15

Rally         2:35-3:10


Please release all cheerleaders at 1:45 today.



Please release these students at 12:45 today for the parade.

Josue Aguilar, Johnathan Albrecht, Elizabeth Barraza, Valerie Campos, Martin Culwell, Sean Devine, Gisselle Duran, Brandon Echeagaray, Jonathan Echeagaray, Delisha Garica, Jose Garcia, Luis Guerrero, Brooklyn Hernandez, Sayra Iniguez, Scarlet Jimenez, Briana Limon, Mariah Limon, Alyssa Maciel, Maria Maciel, Eve Marquez, Makiah McConnon, Cameron Morales, Jasmin Pacheco, Samuel Pacheco, Alexis Perez, Karla Perez, Makenna Pofahl, Diana Quilo, Daisy Ramirez, Madison Resendez, Miguel Reyes, Bryan Rojas, Kayley Sierra, Jesse Vilchis, Densel Vallaspir, Bryan Welch, Christopher Wright, Michael Zurita



Counselors Corner:

The Career Tech Expo is coming up again!  We will be taking a bus of students to Fresno on Oct. 17th. If you are interested in attending sign up in the Counseling Office.

Have you ever thought about a career in the Military?  Sign up in the Counseling office to meet with a representative.

Every Wednesday wear college, career, or military clothes to show your support for Wear Will You Go Wednesdays!  Throughout the year, there will be various contests and prizes, so participation counts.  Your 5th period teacher will keep track.


Toad Sports:

JV Fball vs Avenal                        Game: 5:00

Var Fball vs Avenal                       Game: 7:00

Cheer                                               Game: 5:00 & 7:00

XC @ Golden West                        Dismiss: 12:00

Leave: 12:45


Administrative Team:


1) Free breakfast is available for all students before school every day!

2) GENTLE REMINDER: Help to keep our school & community looking beautiful. Dispose of your trash appropriately.

3) Students are not to park in the yellow curb areas.  These are for loading and unloading only.  Thanks.




  • Be able to accept differences in others and become a productive and tolerant member in a diverse society.


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