February 27, 2018

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

*Og Mandino



Senior panoramic orders are due by March 2nd.

You can purchase one copy for $20, 2 for $25 and 3 for $30.  See Mrs. Bonilla to get the order form and pay for the pictures.


No After School Program Wednesday 2/28.  There will not be a 5:15 bus.


FCA meeting during lunch today in the Home Ec. room.  Lunch will be provided.


Join us for a special night of Career and Technical Education on February 28 at 6 pm in Huron at the HMS Multipurpose room and in Coalinga at the Hub on March 7th at 6pm.  Bring your friends and families and discover how CTE can benefit you!  There will be special guest speakers, free family photos, and a free dinner!  See you then!


From Mr. Allen and Mrs. Walker



Attention Seniors:  There are many local scholarships available this month. Be sure to check the scholarship bulletin.  It is available in the Counseling Office and on the CHS website.  Ms. Fernandez also e-mailed you a copy.


Need some volunteer hours?  Come out and be a timer at our swim meets on Wednesday February 28, Wednesday March 7, and Wednesday March 14th.  Please sign up with Mrs. Vasquez.  You will need to be at the pool at 3:30.


Are you interested in a summer program in Cal Poly, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, or another campus?  If you are, see Ms. Lopez, in the Career Center, for more information.”


“Attention: Any students interested in joining the military after graduating high school sign up to meet with a military representative in the Counseling Office.”




If you are planning to play in a Spring sport, pick up your packets in the 9th grade office. Turn them in at the beginning of the day and your clearances will be ready at the end of the day.  Do not come during class time or between classes.  If you have played a sport this year already, come sign the yellow pad sheet on the counter and your clearances will be ready at the end of the day as well, if everything is cleared.


Tennis @ Fresno Christian
Dismiss: 12:36
leave :1:15


Var-Baseball @ Immanuel
Dismiss 11:39
leave: 12:15


Var-Softball vs Fowler
Dismiss 2:13


JV –Softball vs Fowler
Dismiss 2:13






  • Be able to apply logic and scientific methods to arrive at valid conclusions.
  • Be able to collect, analyze, and synthesize information.




**Teachers:  There is a change to how you   record tardies/absences for late students for periods 1 and 6.  Starting today, any student

period 6 must be swept.  If the student comes to you with a sweep, you are to mark the student TARDY no matter how late that student arrives to class.  If the student comes to class without a sweep, you must send the student to the main office to receive a sweep.  Mark all students “T” for periods 1 and 6, REGARDLESS of how late they arrive.  Please see admin or Ms. Saldana if you have questions.  Thanks!


Please check your mailbox every morning.


Do not send students in to get your mail!


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