Quote of the Day:

“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.”

– William Barclay

Class & Club News:

Winter Formal guest pass permission slips may be picked up in the main office.

FCA meeting today during lunch in the Home Ec room.  Lunch will be provided.

Do you set high academic goals for yourself? Do you want to show your future college how service-minded you are? Apply for CSF! Pick up an application in the main office or in North Wing 302. Applications are due to Mr. Yeager at North Wing 302 at lunch or after school only. The last day to apply is Thursday, January 24th — so the sooner you apply, the better!

Would you like to participate in the league talent show?  You will have the chance to perform in front of 5 different schools.  Pick up and application in Mrs. Bonilla’s room, N310.  Applications are due today by 3:15.

Seniors, your panoramic picture is in Feb.  You need a senior t-shirt or hoodie by then.  Supplies are limited.  Please see Mrs. Bonilla if you still need to purchase them.

Attention Seniors: Cap, Gown, and graduation announcement orders will be accepted on Jan. 16th in the Government/Econ Classes.  A deposit or payment in full is required to place an order.  Ordering information packets are available in the Main Office.

Winter Formal – Starry Night on January 25th in the HUB 9:00 – 12:00pm.  Singles w/ASB $10, singles w/o ASB $14, couples with ASB $16, couples w/o $20.

Sports News:

If you are wanting to play a spring sport.  Please pick up your paperwork in the 9th grade office, return your packet to Mrs. Vasquez in the morning only.  She will have your clearance ready after school if it’s all filled out correctly. Please do not come during class time.  If you are transitioning from a winter sport to a spring sport and need your clearance, sign up on the clipboard in the 9th grade office in the 9th grade office in the morning and your clearance will be ready at the end of the day.  Thank you. 

Boys tennis has begun!  Make sure to have all of your paperwork turned in and your clearance ready to go.  Meet at the benches by the courts, practice starts at 3:30.  If you have any questions, contact Coach Walker at

Swimming has begun for those who are not in a winter sport.  Practice at 3:30-5:15 at the swim complex.  You need to have your clearance paperwork turned in.  Be ready to get in the water. 



  • Be able to select and use appropriate technology in our everyday lives.    

Counselors Corner:

A West Hills College Representative is now available to CHS students.  If you want to meet with him, sign up in the Main Counseling Office or see Miss Lopez. 

Toads don’t forget to wear college, career, or military gear on Wednesdays.  Go Wednesdays! 

If you are interested in the military after high school.  Sign-up in the counseling office to speak to a representative. 

Toad Sports:

JVG-Soccer vs Avenal                                         Dismiss: 2:13

                                                                               Game: 4:00 

Var G-Soccer vs Avenal                                      Game: 5:30

JV B-Soccer @ Avenal                                        Dismiss: 2:13

                                                                               Leave: 2:30

Var B-Soccer @ Avenal                                      Dismiss: 2:13

                                                                               Leave: 2:30

JV B-Bball @ Avenal                                          Leave: 3:30

                                                                               Game: 5:00

Var B-Bball @ Avenal                                         Leave: 3:30

                                                                                Game: 6:30

JV G-Bball vs Avenal                                           Game: 5:00

Var G-Bball vs Avenal                                         Game: 6:30

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