January 29, 2018

“Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students.”

*Charles Kuralt



FCA meeting tomorrow during lunch in the Home Ec room.  Lunch will be provided.


VIDA meeting Wednesday at lunch in room 128.You will be setting up the display case.


No after School Program Tuesday, January 30.  There will not be a 5:15 bus.


Want to ball up your favorite teachers? Come see Mrs. Bonilla to sign up to play in the student vs. teacher basketball game at the Winter Homecoming rally February 2. Today is the last day to sign up.


Attention CHS students, Do you follow Coalinga High School on Instagram and Twitter? If so, great. IF you don’t have any social media, don’t worry. You can visit CHS ASB’s new website. ASB posts special events and important announcements. They also have an information request tab, all you have to do is fill out the tabs and submit it, and you will get updates. You can get the URL just by checking the Daily Bulletin that is sent to your student email or by checking Coalinga High School social media’s bio.


Students Winter Homecoming Guest Pass permission slips may be picked up in the main office.   They are due by Wed. Jan. 31 by 3:00 no exceptions.


Winter Homecoming Court 2018


Princesses                                           Princes

9th         Gabrielle Mahfood          Luke Walker

10th       Brianna Rojas                     Joevany Mercado

11th       Andrea Guerrero             Julian Sandoval


Queens                                                Kings

12th       Genesis Barriga                 Jasmit Briana

12th       Elizabeth Hunt                   Marcos Bonilla

12th       Leela Sexton                      Jose Luis Gonzalez

12th       Cali Walker                         Julio Gonzalez



The Friends of the Coalinga/Huron Cemetery District – Pleasant Valley Cemetery located at 40054 Calaveras Ave, would like to invite you to come out on Saturday Feb. 3rd at 8:30 am, to join in the continued clean up and improvements of the cemetery.   Tools will be provided.   Lunch will be provided.   Students will get community service hours.   Hope to see you all there.  Any questions please contact Gina Lopez @ 559-630-5447.  Thank you all in advance.


“Freshmen, Sophomores, & Juniors: Fresno Pacific University’s Representative will be hosting a workshop on February 22.  If you are interested in attending, sign up in the Counseling Office.”


“Attention: Any students interested in joining the military after graduating high school sign up to meet with a military representative in the Counseling Office.”




If you are planning to play in a Spring sport, pick up your packets in the 9th grade office. Turn them in at the beginning of the day and your clearances will be ready at the end of the day.  Do not come during class time or between classes.  If you have played a sport this year already, come sign the yellow pad sheet on the counter and your clearances will be ready at the end of the day as well, if everything is cleared.


Do you like soccer? Do you need community service hours?  See Coach Bonilla if interested.


JV Wrestling @ Tranquility
Dismiss: 2:13
Leave: 2:45


Var G-Wrestling @ Tranquility
Dismiss: 2:13
Leave: 2:45


Var B-Wrestling @ Tranquility
Dismiss: 2:13
Leave: 2:45






  • Be able to accept differences in others and become a productive and tolerant member in a diverse society.




**Teachers:  There is a change to how you   record tardies/absences for late students for periods 1 and 6.  Starting today, any student

period 6 must be swept.  If the student comes to you with a sweep, you are to mark the student TARDY no matter how late that student arrives to class.  If the student comes to class without a sweep, you must send the student to the main office to receive a sweep.  Mark all students “T” for periods 1 and 6, REGARDLESS of how late they arrive.  Please see admin or Ms. Saldana if you have questions.  Thanks!


Please check your mailbox every morning.


Do not send students in to get your mail!


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