March 13, 2018

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.”


*Hubert H. Humphrey




Minimum Day Schedule


WARNING BELL  7:50 a.m.


PERIOD 1                              7:55-8:33

PERIOD 2                              8:38-9:16

PERIOD 3                              9:21- 9:59

PERIOD 4                              10:04-10:42

PERIOD 5                              10:47-11:25

PERIOD 6                              11:30-12:08

LUNCH                  12:08-12:48

WARNING BELL  12:48 p.m.

PERIOD 7                                                              12:53 – 1:30

Huron Saturday School has been switched from March 24 to March 17  – this coming Saturday?


Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya? — Then spread good cheer with a St. Patty Gram. Send your favorite people a fun greeting and a leprechaun treasure for just $1 each. See a CSF member to buy or visit North Wing 302 during lunch! Sale ends Thursday.


The music department will be hosting the first ever-Fine Arts Showcase where you will see an art gallery, musical and drama performances, webpage design and more. This will be on March 20 and 22nd, from 6-8 p.m. at the CHS Hub. Please come out and support this new event. There will also be a silent cake auction, bake sale and an art silent auction.  We are still seeking performers to perform music or exhibit their fine arts. If you are interested, please sign up in the band room. See Mr. Moore or Sayra. The deadline for sign-ups is March 14th.This is the first event like this in our school’s history.


The California Young Reader Medal programs kicks off today after school.  This year’s nominated books are Salt to the Sea, Orbiting Jupiter, and The Hired Girl.  Stop by the library to check out one of these great reads today!


Senior Announcements will be delivered Wednesday, March 14th in the library during lunch.


FCA will meet during lunch today in the Home Ec room.  Lunch will be provided.


From Mr. Allen and Mrs. Walker

Students:  if your laptop goes missing, please tell an administrator immediately.



Those of you signed up for the SAT this Saturday, calculator sign-ups are now available in the Counseling Office. You need to sign up before lunch on Friday to receive a calculator for the test.”


There is a community service opportunity at the Coalinga District Library March 23-29 for their annual book sale.  Sign up in the Counseling Office if you are interested.


Attention Seniors:  There are many local scholarships available this month. Be sure to check the scholarship bulletin.  It is available in the Counseling Office and on the CHS website.  Ms. Fernandez also e-mailed you a copy.


Need some volunteer hours?  Come out and be a timer at our swim meet Wednesday March 14th.  Please sign up with Mrs. Vasquez.  You will need to be at the pool at 3:30.


Are you interested in a summer program in Cal Poly,

UC Davis, UC Berkeley, or another campus?  If you are, see Ms. Lopez, in the Career Center, for more information.”


“Attention: Any students interested in joining the military after graduating high school sign up to meet with a military representative in the Counseling Office.”




“Are you interested in increasing your skills on the basketball court? Every Monday and Wednesday in the big gym we’ll be working out! We’ll start up on Wednesday the 14th.”



Varsity Baseball @ Chowchilla
Dismiss 12:08
leave 1:15


JV Baseball @ Chowchilla
Dismiss 12:08
leave 1:15


Tennis vs Firebaugh






  • Be able to select and use appropriate technology in our everyday lives.



**Teachers:  There is a change to how you   record tardies/absences for late students for periods 1 and 6.  Starting today, any student

period 6 must be swept.  If the student comes to you with a sweep, you are to mark the student TARDY no matter how late that student arrives to class.  If the student comes to class without a sweep, you must send the student to the main office to receive a sweep.  Mark all students “T” for periods 1 and 6, REGARDLESS of how late they arrive.  Please see admin or Ms. Saldana if you have questions.  Thanks!


Please check your mailbox every morning.


Do not send students in to get your mail!


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