Quote of the Day:

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

– Francis of Assisi

Class & Club News:

Attention CTE/ROP Senior Students: Pathway Completer Graduation Cord applications are due today to any CTE/ROP teacher. 

Students you are advised that there is only a 5:15 bus Monday thru Thursday for the remainder of the school year.  There will no longer be a 6:30 bus.  In addition, we will no longer be running the Friday bus.  The 5:15 bus is only for students attending the after school program and requires a pass to get on the bus. 

Sports News:

Attention all Track Athletes, Coach McFarlin will be collecting uniforms in her classroom after school Tuesday and Wednesday.  If you do not have, your uniforms turned in by Wednesday you will be billed.  Do not come during class time or during passing periods.  In addition, the Banquet will be held on Wednesday May 22 at 3:30 to 5.  See google classroom for more details. 

Attention all current and future boys and girls tennis players!  Starting Tuesday May 14th at 3:30, the tennis courts will be open for spring workouts.  For experienced players it’s a chance to hit around and sharpen your skills, and for those who are interested in joining the team next year, it’s a chance to learn the game.  We’ll meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30 starting on May 14th.  See you there.  



  • Be able to accept differences in others and become a productive and tolerant member in a diverse society.     

Faculty & Staff:        

Multimedia Field Trip/Lucero, Wagner          May 15 & 16

Universal Studios

Counselors Corner:

Toads don’t forget to wear college, career, or military gear on Wednesdays.  Go Wednesdays! 

If you are interested in the military after high school.  Sign-up in the counseling office to speak to a representative. 

Toad Sports


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