Quote of the Day:

“Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends.”

– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.   

Class & Club News:

Coach Ream’s Top 10 Reason’s to be a Teacher:  #6 Having a hungry student come ask if I have any snacks and then taking them to my snack “Vault”… and then they eat a whole sleeve of Ritz crackers !  Thanks Poppy and Dusty. 

Students you are advised that there is only a 5:15 bus Monday thru Thursday for the remainder of the school year.  There will no longer be a 6:30 bus.  In addition, we will no longer be running the Friday bus.  The 5:15 bus is only for students attending the after school program and requires a pass to get on the bus. 



PER. 1                                                 7:55 – 8:30

PER. 2                                                 8:35 – 9:10

PER. 3                                                 9:15 – 9:50

PER. 4                                                 9:55 – 10:30

PER. 5                                                10:35 – 11:10

PER. 6                                                11:15 – 11:50

PER. 7                                                11:55 – 12:30      


Sports News:

Attention all runners interested in running cross-country next year.  We will be having a meeting on Monday June 3rd @ 3:30.  We will discuss summer training and next year’s goals.  We will have a practice after.



  • Be able to understand both explicit and implied information.
  • Be able to read and comprehend progressively complex texts.              

Faculty & Staff:   

Reminder:  Please clean out everything from fridge by next Thursday we will be throwing everything out on Friday June 7th.  Thank you.       


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