Attendance Procedures


Student will attend school daily except for reasons of excused absence.  The state law regarding attendance requires that every person under 18 years of age must attend school and must have required verification of the absence.  A phone call to the CHS Attendance Office or a note from the parent/guardian is necessary when a student is absent.  Students are required to provide verification within three days after returning to school or the absence is considered truant.  Students are encouraged to attend school regularly and attend partial days when possible.

Students who are no longer subject to compulsory education (emancipated minors and students 18 years old and older) are expected to provide appropriate verification of their absences.  Failure to provide verification will result in the student being considered truant.  Absences deemed “excused” may still count against the 90% “Attendance Policy for Graduation.”

Absences may be excused if the absence is due to a student’s illness, doctor or dental appointment, to attend a funeral of an immediate family member, jury duty, for observance of a religious holiday or ceremony, among other reasons listed in Education Code section 48205.



Effective this year, parents/guardians will receive two letters for Excessive Absences. The first will go out after a student has been absent for any reason for six or more days. This letter will warn them of the consequences of reaching 14 days absent. If the 14 that mark occurs, the student will be classified as a “Chronic Absentee”. At that point, the school site can require any further absences be cleared either with a doctor’s note, or by confirmation of the illness by the school nurse. If it is NOT done, the absence can be logged as “Unexcused” and be used for Truancy/SARB purposes.

*Chronic Absentee: In California, chronic absentee is defined as being absent for any reason (excused or unexcused) for at least 10% of the school year. Thus, in a 180-day school year, a student who misses 18 days of school or more is considered a “chronic absentee.”



Verification of an absence is to be made by telephone or note from the parent/guardian indicating the reason for the absence.  A telephone call is preferred as soon as possible.  If a parent/guardian cannot call, the student should bring a note the day the student returns to school before school starts.  Upon returning to school, students who fail to verify absences with three days are considered truant.

Notes must contain: 

  1. Student I.D. number
  2. First and last name of student
  3. Date of absence indicating full day or class periods
  4. Reason for absence or signed doctor/dental/court note
  5. Parent/guardian’s signature, date signed & phone number


A student who does not obtain permission from their teacher or the administration prior to missing their regularly scheduled class in order to participate in another class or activity will be given a cut.


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